Extra Virgin
Galega Olive Oil

The Olive Oil

Amor é Cego - Love is Blind - describes the passion we feel for the land: the estate has been in the family for three generations - a huge commitment to preserving and nurturing it over the years.

In 2015, we took the first steps towards realising our dream of producing olive oil from our small olive grove, planted by our grandfather over sixty years ago.

We produce 100% extra virgin Galega olive oil, 0.1% maximum acidity, extracted cold. It is a balanced and harmonious oil with all the features of the Galega olive variety: mature and fruity, with notes of tomato and dried fruit, and a slightly spicy finish.

The Olive Grove

The olive grove is a 72-year-old dryland 12x12 plantation and the vegetal liquid is carefully extracted in its purest state.

The olives are picked by hand, placed in 20-kilo boxes, and processed on day they are gathered in order to conserve all the properties of the oil.

The old olive trees are looked after with great care, unhurriedly, while we employ the best agricultural practices. We believe that despite the relatively low yield - 7 litres per 100 kg of olives - the final product is a unique olive oil of the highest quality.

Olival Galega Azeite Amor é Cego
Compaso do olival
Oliveira milenar
Floração da oliveira
Azeitona galega

The Estate

The olives used to produce Amor é Cego olive oil are grown at the Monte da Oliveira Velha estate, located 17 km from Évora and 25 km from Estremoz, with its marvellous views of Evoramonte Castle and the Ossa Hills. Having survived the passage of time, the thousand-year-old wild olive-trees, full of life and history, fill us with pride: we are indeed fortunate to have them.

Monte da Oliveira Velha
Monte da Oliveira Velha
Monte da Oliveira Velha
Zambujeiro milenar
Monte da Oliveira Velha
Monte da Oliveira Velha

Visit Us

Come and visit us - and meet the family. Discover the history of the estate, learn about the Galega olive tree, native to Portugal, and taste our extra virgin Galega olive oil, savouring its qualities in the shade of an ancient tree.

Tasting olive oil at the point of origin is the best way to find out how it is made and provides a guarantee of the quality of the product.

Approximate length of visit: 75 minutes. At the end of your visit, after tasting our olive oil, visit the store.

Prova Azeite Amor é Cego
Prova Azeite Amor é Cego
Prova Azeite Amor é Cego
Prova Azeite Amor é Cego
Degostação produtos regionais
Prova Azeite Amor é Cego

Order o nosso Extra Virgin Galega Olive Oil

o nosso Extra Virgin Galega Olive Oil

We believe in quality rather than quantity so we are currently converting our plantation into an organic olive grove. We let our Galega olive trees grow at their own pace, and aim to produce a small quantity of high-quality oil: the 2023 harvest yielded 830 litres of olive oil, sold in 25 cl and 50 cl bottles.

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